Spiral Slide

In the sector, children slides and dry slides made of stainless steel, we supply everything you need to have fun. Best Quality made in Germany. From small standard playground units, through design slides to large event slides with or without curves. They can be designed with supporting towers or for embankments. The upper part of our Tube slides can made of transparent polycarbonate, and the dynamic lighting design makes the whole slide more visually stunning. Whatever the type, two factors are of paramount importance for us – the safety of the users and the comfort of the slide.

For Fun:Slide is a fun-filled ride which offers leisure and entertainment.
For Safety:Building for the stainless steel sheets to enhance the safety.
Customized Design:For different exhibitions and department stores, we offer customized design to give you a unique space.
Sense-organ Stimulation:The upper half of slide is a transparent PC board with dazzling lighting device.

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